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scuttling across the floors

The doors shut and it was just Adam in the elevator, just how he liked it. He walked over to his car. He put his bag in the trunk. As soon as he closed it he was stabbed in the side with some kind of injection. As soon as it was in his skin the plunger was pushed so he did not have the time to pull it out before it was inside him then the attacker let go. He pulled it out and dumped it on the floor.

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The assailant then tried to fight Adam for his car keys. Adam however, after the events from his past, had been taking self-defence classes, plus he had picked up a few tips from his friends. He was fairing quite well since this guy seemed a lot bigger and heavier than Adam. Adam threw his keys far away and quickly attempted to hold this guy to the floor. The man had then in retaliation shuffled himself so that Adam was in front of him, his back facing him, and put him in a head lock and began cutting off the air supply from Adam's lungs, to add to it he also pulled a knife and plunged it into the very same place where he had put the hypodermic, Adam did not notice as he was slowly being suffocated which was making him a little numb and he was more occupied with getting out of this man's vice like grip.

Adam flailed for a few seconds, causing the man to grip him tighter and pull the knife back out Will anyone come to Adam's rescue??? My very first chapter for this story. Hope you enjoyed, review lots and no flamers please, but any errors found I will happily fix. It may be a short chapter but I have more ready to go. There may be some excessive details when it is from Adam's POV and that is because i believe the character to have an organised mind and slightly OCDish.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Starts from a normal day at the office. Turns into an Adam whumping. No slash. Meanwhile in the shadows someone lays lurking, in waiting, for their chance to get revenge on our favourite little lab tech.

Will they succeed? Image courtesy of 'digitalart' from FreeDigitalPhotos. Adam" Mac said tapping Adam's shoulder. As soon as it was in his skin the plunger was pushed so he did not have the time to pull it out before it was inside him then the attacker let go "What the" was all Adam got out before he noticed the syringe sticking out of his side. The man only grew angrier as he was asked to leave, but Mac was not intimidated by him.

Everyone turned to watch him walking towards them. He decided to face his father right here and now. His father turned to him, grabbing him by the arm and gripping him tightly. Adam cringed in pain as his grip tightened even more. Let go! Mac had to intervene. George looked at him confused. A little protective of you isn't he?

Hell in fact I don't want to ever fucking see you again. Now please leave me alone and George suddenly backed handed Adam, shocking everyone as he went flying to the ground busting his lip and nose on impact. The next thing he felt was a jolt of pain going through his sides as he felt his ribs cracking. He cried out in pain as his father continued kicking him then next he felt the punches of his childhood memories when his father first did this to him. It felt like being stabbed over and over again. He grunted at each blow, wishing it would stop until darkness claimed him.

Mac was yelling in a furious rage. It took Mac, Danny and another two men to get him off. Stella and Lindsey stood there in shock as Adam was lying on the ground covered in blood. He was beaten pretty badly. Flack and Danny didn't hesitate; they cuffed him and took in into custody. Hawkes turned and looked down at Adam; he couldn't believe what he had seen as his eyes filled with tears. Mac however knelt down next to Adam and he felt for a pulse. He let out a breath of relief as he found a steady pulse, but he was pale and none responsive.

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He turned to Stella bringing her out of shock. Stella nodded wiping out her cell. He turned back to Adam. Adam can you hear me? C'mon baby answer me! Stella stepped forward to announce the paramedics were on their way.

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Mac nodded without taking his eyes off Adam. Lindsey stood perfectly still in shock. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. She was brought out of her state when she felt a hand on her shoulder, only to find her husband there. She turned to him and buried her face into his chest, choking back a sob as she spoke. I can't believe he would do that to Adam! And in front of us too, has he lost his mind? She was ready to cry, she loved Adam like a little brother.

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Mac spoke up before Danny could. The medics showed up not to long after, hauling Adam up on the stretcher and down to the ambulance. Mac rode with Adam while the others followed in their vehicles all the way to the hospital. They wheeled him into the hospital where Mac and the team were told to wait. They all stood around the waiting room, praying and hoping for the best. For what seemed like hours later a doctor finally came out to greet them. The team climbed to their feet nodding. I operated on Mr. These are his friends and co-workers.

What surprises me though is the fact that he didn't sustain any skull fractures with a beating he took he should have, he is one lucky man. He's awake now. Give him a week in here and he should be ready to go. Please follow me. They followed the doctor towards his room, hastily walking in to see Adam sat up in bed, staring blankly at nothing.

He hadn't noticed Mac and the others standing there. It wasn't until he heard a knock on the door that he noticed them. He looked away in shame, beginning to sob softly. Adam felt a pair of hands wrap around his shoulders, he looked up to see Mac holding him close, giving him comfort. He turned and buried his face into his chest, continuing to sob. The others gathered around him to give him comfort as well. When he finally stopped crying he looked up at them frowning.

I just I'm pathetic and weak and I don't deserve any kindness. They all looked at him like he had gone mad. I'm ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn't even stop him let alone defend myself and There was nothing you could have done to prevent this; he even took us by surprise.