Dragon dictate for mac keeps crashing

Instead, the Microsoft installer 5. Can anyone help me install this update. Using Microsoft office Have you contacted Nuance support? Perhaps they can help you. I have just upgrade to v Reloaded the machine and outlook. Still I cannot enter any information into a message using Dragon dictation. If I use the keyboard it works fine.. I can enter information into the subject field and the two and cc fields.

Hi Sean, Sorry to hear that you cannot dictate in Outlook messages. From the wording of your message I gather that you were hoping that From the fact that you installed the update, I am assuming that you have full admin rights on your PC? As an afterthought: You can still dictate in the body of the Outlook messasges bij using the Dictation Box. I keep forgetting that no everyone knows about that. I received a notice I downloaded it and then installed. I closed all programs before starting install but did not check Task Manager. Since then , when I dictate at the end of each phrase the program repeats the phrase, or some phrase similar to the original.

Example: I certify that on the 30th day of April, , true and accurate copies I certify that on the 30th day of April, , true and accurate copies of the foregoing were served via electronic mail of the foregoing were served via electronic mail on those with email addresses on those with e-mail addresses.

I am using a PC, Windows 7, 64 bit, Word Can you help or refer me to someone else? Thank you. Hi Chuck. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems after the Assuming that the It really only takes 3 minutes and can give a lot of clarity on where the issue comes from. I updated dragon It was great before the update. Thanks for reaching out. Quick question: do you mean transcription of a recorded audiophile, or transcription when you dictate directly into the microphone?

Word crashes when using Dragon

Have you restarted the computer? And perhaps you can quickly create a new user profile to test if performance is faster in that profile? It only takes a couple of minutes and it may shed some light on where the issue is coming from. I updated your dragon Now it will not find my profiles for my USB microphone. I use both vxi and Andrea microphones. I uninstalled and reinstalled Dragon 15 and dragon update I think Dragon Hi Mark. Glad you reached out, though.

This is not really a Dragon support place, but perhaps I can still help. Then connect the microphones into a different usb port than before and only then start Dragon. If you can go to the Dragon bar in the Profile menu, can you click on Manage dictation sources? One of my friends who is the manager at Colorado University adaptive technology partners named Jim Sandstrom help me fix this issue. The problem was when you install Windows update for April version , and then install DPI update That works for both USB microphones and Bluetooth microphones.

I believe that should be added to the instructions on how to install DPI Mark, thank you for sharing this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was impossible to correctly position the cursor by mouse in longer Word documents or Outlook messages.

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The cursor would land at a random position. Full Text Control is available when you see the green dot on the right side of the new Dragon bar or the green checkmark on the left side in the classic Dragon bar. How do I get the update?

Then double click the downloaded update. End all processes that start with Dragon.

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You can leave that. Related Posts: Is Dragon speech recognition a good choice for me? Janneke den Draak. Hi, I'm Janneke and I'm your go-to person for Dragon speech recognition software help. Fortunately Dragon 13 is also a good version, should you be stuck with that for the time being.

Deleting the Cache if a MacBook Crashes Randomly : Apple Products & Mac Tips

Hi Steve, That is annoying. Please let me know if this was a good solution for you. Hi, I am getting that error box in word and dragon will not work at all in outlook without locking up. I hope to hear back from you. I do hope you get it sorted out soonest. Hi Mark, Thanks for reaching out. Hope this helps.

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Nuance Responds to My Dragon Dictate Concerns

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