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When handling your SSD, try not to touch its gold connector pins with your fingers. Simply click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then click About this Mac which will display your version number. These are technical words that mean the drive needs to get acquainted with your system. To do this, you need to go into Disk Utility, which comes free with Mac systems. Access this by clicking on the storage drive on your desktop, then clicking on the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder, then Disk Utility. Alternatively, you can click on the Applications folder in your dock, then follow the additional steps noted above.

No need to fear — this is normal. From here, follow the steps below that correspond to your version of OSX. Highlight your SSD and click the Erase button. Select Erase. The drive will now be partitioned, formatted, and ready for use. Highlight your SSD and click the Partition tab. Select Partition. Shut down your system. Select Disk Utility , then Continue. Underneath the name of your Crucial SSD, you should see the partition you named when you formatted your drive. Click on this partition to highlight it. Now click on the Edit menu in the upper left corner of your screen and select the Restore Reward yourself with a beverage of choice.

How to Clone an Existing Drive - iFixit Repair Guide

Leave your computer for a while and go do something fun! Once everything has copied over, click Done. The partition you named on your Crucial SSD should now have the same name as the partition on the existing drive you copied over. From here, select Recovery Disk Utility will now ask you to select the partition you want to copy to your new SSD.

Simply select the main partition located underneath your existing storage drive. It should be easy to find this because of how your drives and their associated partitions appear onscreen. The top-left section displays the storage drive s inside your computer and the partitions on each one. Select the partition for your existing storage drive, which will display a new set of options on the right side of the window.

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Select the Restore tab. Jun 22, AM.

MacOS Install Secret Trick - How to install Mac OS High Sierra NEW SSD Clean MacBook Pro 2010-2018

Page content loaded. What do I have to do as far as settings to make the SSD work? Jun 21, PM. I do not believe that you have to do anything with the SMS. If I am incorrect, a command can be entered in Terminal to disable it.

How to install a Crucial SSD in a Mac® computer

I would contact the vendor or manufacturer for specific details. Jun 22, AM in response to clintonfrombirmingham In response to clintonfrombirmingham. What are the settings I need to use to have the SSD work properly like trim etc? How reliable is the SSD? I also plan on using disk utility to transfer all the data to my new drive.

Part 2: Copy

I don't see any enclosure in the video. Do I really need an enclosure, and what are they for? I can't find any information about this anywhere UPDATE: I checked around some more, and it appears that the Samsung doesn't need an enclosure when doing the cloning or transferring. Jul 17, AM. Jul 17, AM in response to jonpais In response to jonpais. The thing is, in my opinion, it's better to have some sort of back-up to restore from - whether it's Time Machine or CCC. I'm also not sure what software Samung provides to make the transfer I believe that Crucial has some sort of Mac transfer - you could probably find a Samsung kit to Mac transfer on YouTube somewhere.

Select your new SSD as your startup. Restart and your boot time to desktop should be around 14 to 16 secs. If you look at the Samsung kit on Amazon you might find a Mac user who has reviewed it. Jul 17, AM in response to clintonfrombirmingham In response to clintonfrombirmingham. Trim is not an issue with your Samsung.

I really appreciate all the quick responses! I've downloaded carbon copy cloner too. Still not sure if I'll need to use it, though Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

How to Migrate OS to SSD: 7 Simple Steps

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  5. Make certain that you have backed up all of your important data. Install your new drive in the enclosure and connect it to your MBP. View answer in context. Now - here's what I did. Make certain that you have a bootable DVD or flash drive. Your profile doesn't show what OSX version you're running. If you're using a different OSX version, just use the disc that came with your system. Make certain that you have an up-to-the-minute Time Machine back-up. Remove all screws and your hard drive. There are instructional videos all over YouTube - watch a couple of them to make sure you're prepared.

    How to Upgrade, Change and Replace Mac SSD to A Bigger SSD?

    Also, make sure you have the right screwdrivers. Install the new drive. If you have one of the newer MBP's, you'll remove the ten screws on the back, two screws that hold the drive in place, and the four Torx screws that keep the drive seated. Reboot and boot from the flash drive or DVD again. Install your OSX of choice.