Matrox dual head 2 go dp mac edition

The unit consists of an unassuming black box, powered via USB and equipped with two DisplayPort outputs and a single DisplayPort input.

It works right out of the box making setup extremely simple, with no need for drivers to get up and running. With two DVI or DisPlayPort displays connected, the maximum possible resolution stated by Matrox is 3, x 1, 2x 1, x 1, pixels, although we found it also supported the slightly higher resolution, 4, x 1, The maximum possible resolution stated by Matrox is 3, x 1, 2x 1, x 1, pixels.

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If your computer is capable of rendering 3D graphics or displaying high definition video footage then the two monitors will no trouble displaying such content smoothly. This is due to the fact that the DualHead2Go uses your computer's existing video outputs to connect more monitors and not USB, like some cheaper multi-monitor output adapters.

As Windows sees the DualHead2Go as a single large display rather than two additional monitors, maximising a window or opening a new program will see it spread across both displays, leaving you to manually resize or reorient individual windows.

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PowerDesk allows you to split the single large display into two cells, letting you maximise programs on just one of your two displays, or set a default monitor for new programs to appear on. So what's our verdict? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

Review Matrox DualHead2Go DP (DisplayPort) Edition

I'm having a problem setting up my two monitors with my 13" Macbook Pro using the Matrox Dualhead2go Displayport Edition. Maybe someone here has some experience with this device and can help me.

The USB cable is also plugged into my Macbook. I also plugged my two HP ei monitors running at a native x resolution into the box using two Belkin DisplayPort Audio Video Cables which were not cheap at all. This version is supposed to support Thunderbolt.

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I applied the changes and restarted my MacBook Pro. Now here is where it doesn't work: It only mirrors one x display on both HP monitors.

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  • The LCD of my Macbook is running a seperate screen at x Posted on Jul 4, PM. Page content loaded.


    It would randomly work, other times just bring up black screens. Aug 3, AM. Aug 5, AM.