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Exabot [Bot] , Google [Bot] , mpack and 28 guests. Tried to upload screen print but keeps not allowing. Don't know what to do next?

Hoping its something simple, I would guess I need to turn it off but can't find where. I had a VM with XP Pro on this computer a couple years ago but a major disaster with win 10 Anniversary update formatted my whole computer and lost everything on it. It worked with XP previously but did keep having hiccups making it unreliable so got out an old computer with XP on and used that.

How to Set Up a Virtual Windows XP Machine Using VirtualBox

Only need it for my accounts system that won't work beyond XP. Managed to paste below.

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Failed to open a session for the virtual machine XP Pro. Raw-mode is unavailable courtesy of Hyper-V. Result Code: ConsoleWrap Interface: Last edited by socratis on Sat Aug 11, 7: Marked as [Solved]. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response.

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These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. The Windows Hyper V and Powershell were both enabled, don't know why? Disabled and loaded XP Pro no problem. Firstly I accept that I am a computer idiot and apologise in advance.

Same with printer, shows found new hardware but wizard won't open software in drive. When I tried it a few years ago on I think 8.

Another question can I add it to my Macfee security thingy not that I need to use the internet except for updates and drivers etc. Really appreciate any help.

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