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User profile for user: Christine Leonardich Christine Leonardich. The comcast help person was unbelievably unhelpful - he actually denied Entourage could work with Comcast even though their website says they are compatable. Need to confirm network and account settings. More Less. Answer: A: Answer: A: I'm not sure why you have the same problem when you copy your files across - that's why I recommend the big spring clean! I would use disk utility.

I would reformat the disk partition you'll see it listed indented in the disk utility window with a name like Macintosh HD directly under the disk physical name at the top of the list. Just select it and choose reformat.

Make sure you're firewire copy is OK first. View answer in context.

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. If you have an account set up make sure that the SMTP server is set up as smtp. In the advanced sending options box I have clicked "SMTP server requires authentification" with "use same settings as mail server" If you haven't set up your Comcast mail account in Entourage yet then, click on the new account tab.

Entourage will take you through a set up wizard. If it doesn't work let it finish go back and change the settings as above. I hope this works for you.

Microsoft Entourage 2008 v 12.2 for Mac outgoing email account setup for Comcast(Xfinity)

I'm sure you've tried all this, but I assume your internet connection works. Does Apple mail work?

Can you receive mail? Try resetting your router and cable modem as well. Also do you have the right comcast user name not email address. What router do you have? I'm just trying to rule out potential problems. Loading page content. User profile for user: Corelogik Corelogik.

Setting up IMAP Emails on Outlook (mac)

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I'm glad to hear you know Entourage will work with Comcast. I have set up the account over and over again and still no go. I keep getting the message: Error Mail cound not be sent using the account Explanation A connection failure has occurred. Error: I have set up many accounts before in Entourage and not encountered this problem.

Outgoing email server settings, SMTP Server Settings : Cord Hosting

I've checked the advanced settings as you suggested, but to no avail. I am an experienced Entourage user, but can't figure this one out. I sure would appreciate any other tips to try you might have. Not sure how to reset a router and cable modem - have the cable modem only so I turned it off and unplugged it. As for comcast user name, not email address - I assume this is the name before the comcast. The account name - the name the bill comes to is different than my name and account ID - but I don't think that matters.

Just in case though, I did enter the billing name as the account name and personal information even though I believe these are for display purposes. Anyway, it did not work.

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Keep getting the same connection faliure error. User profile for user: Neil Phillips Neil Phillips. You don't have a router so that's not it. I have the same modem as you as well as an Airport base station and all works well for me. You can access and send to and from your. Mac address with Entourage? If so double check the user name and other matching settings in the other program mail account and check them against your Entourage settings the account name isn't necessarily the part before the comcast.

Mac mail from Entourage I'm trying to rule things out one by one. Neil last thought- do you have a new modem? If so it has to have its MAC number on the base registered with Comcast first. Mac, not comcast, not mac mail. I can access my comcast mail via. Another Comcast brilliant idea …..

What is the procedure to export comcast email messages to my computer's hard drive. Comcast's Smart Zone is not user friendly. The previous issue was much better. Check the CSV file for any invalid characters or other possible issues before importing into Yahoo. I don't recall a method to "export email messages" in previous versions other than using POP3 protocol. Is this what you are referring to?

I'm trying to switch to OE and still can't export my address book. I'm also trying to export my comcast address book—to anywhere! Is Comcast purposely eliminating this option? The ill will generated is huge! It worked. The virtual monopoly that Comcast enjoys has caused it to become fat and happy in that Comcast, like any other monopoly, is not fearful that its customers will vote their displeasure with their feet, i.

Comcast Kills Sending Email

Why such a simple task has been made so difficult I will never know. Nevertheless, I am now free to walk away from Comcast, thanks to your wise counsel. I use comcast address book,I don;t have export-import button on the address book Can you help me? Thank you! Not in preferences, or address book…. This stinks. LAS left out one small detail.

After you click on Preferences, click on Address Book on the line below Preferences and you should then see th export function.