Airplay sound from mac to ipad

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Enter your email address below:. Is there a way to send to multiple Airport express devices. I use them for music all over our property. Wow—so pleased to find this trick—up to now, my MacBook Pro running El Capitan was the only device not able to stream music from radio station web site or iTunes using my Airport Express connected to my analog stereo system. But my iPad and iPhone were doing this. Well never mind—this was so simple.

Music happily streaming from the MacBook! Great — except there is a DELAY — very annoying if there is singing or close ups of the playing of musical instruments!

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I was going into system preferences every time and this is SO much quicker! Great tip!

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Did they remove this in Mavericks? You guys are aces. Started up iTunes, hit the Airplay icon next to the volume control on the iTunes main window screen. My device was visible, selected it and hey presto … music came blasting out of my speakers!! Remember to knock your volume down on iTunes or you will literally get blasted with a wall of sound … and your heart my skip several beats too! Not tried video streaming or mirroring. I only wanted audio streaming. Point is … audio streaming works fine on my Leopard and it is regarded as one of the older Macs.

I have wanted to be do this forever.

All I have found is airfoil and other terminal based solutions. I have mountain lion and when I click option and sound I can actually see my airport express station but for some reason I cannot select it. The same problem when I open sound preferences, the air port station is also in there but cannot be selected? I am currently running snow leopard One click transfers all system audio to multiple AirPlay devices in sync.

I definitely love the ability to stream my audio to my Apple TV. They have it in the iTunes, how frickin hard would it be to add that ability?

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I have found Musicality which does it all on its own with Pandora, Last. Two steps forward, one step back, as usual. Whenever I click on the option in Sound Preferences, it reverts back to the internal speakers option. Any reason for this? My sound in the finder doesnt show the options to change the output, i have to go to the preferences each time.

Any workaround there? When i hold down the option key and click the sound icon on my mid iMac, i only see 1 of my 3 appleTVs. Any tip? Anyone else experience some latency? Mine started to show up all of a sudden. Yep, huge latency in a movie in QuickTime. After 10 to 15 minutes, the movie hangs, if AirPlay is turned on. Kind of off topic as well but how are you running SoundFlower in Mountain Lion? No problems! Clicking on the Airport Express in the Output tab did nothing. This is on a iMac by the way.

Did you try a reset? What kind of reset? Now, AirPlay will be integrated into many smart TVs from many manufacturers.

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  • You can use whichever your devices work best with. Choice is great!

    Apple AirPlay 2: Everything you need to know

    VLC already has built-in support for Chromecasting , too. We also saw TVs that integrated information about AirPlay right into their home screen. Some TVs are also integrating HomeKit support, which will let you use Siri to control your TV like any other another smart home device.

    follow url Different TV manufacturers are choosing to support different features. You can't pick and choose -- every sound from your Mac will be played on the HomePod instead of on your Mac's speakers. When using the HomePod this way, as an external speaker for the Mac, there's no option to use Siri to do things like skip songs.

    AirPlaying from iTunes For the most part, you need to use the audio output settings to AirPlay music from a third-party service to the Mac, but if you're playing content from iTunes, you can use the built-in iTunes AirPlay controls. Open iTunes. Play a song from Apple Music or your music library. In iTunes, click on the icon. Select the HomePod icon.

    - Support also available on devices from others including Sonos, Libratone and B&O Play

    Related Roundup: HomePod. Buyer's Guide: HomePod Neutral. Top Rated Comments View all. Look at Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil to capture audio from an app or the system and redirect it to one or more AirPlay speakers while keeping the sound synchronized. Nailed it.

    Who wants to go to Canada anyway? I'm naturally talking about Airplay 2. Actually on apple's website, they mention that Airplay 2 requires a or newer Macbook Pro. So I'm getting my facts straight. Also your link points to Airplay to stream Video, which is odd as we're talking about Audio here.

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    Will older devices still work with Airplay 2? Meaning that Airplay 2 has some sort of backward compatibility with Airplay 1? Is there a way to make it say "HomePod" and not "Office 2 " like yours or "Living Room 2 " like mine? Anyone else having lag when using it as a audio output from the Mac. Via iTunes with airplay it works fine but as a audio output from the Mac there seems to be 1 to 2 second delay. You just forgot to mention that you need a separate app to play music from all those devices.

    So no airplay for now. MacBook Pro Fall ? Possible high-end inch model.