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I've looked around at several sites and forums and I know that it isn't a straight install and some cutting around will probably be needed on the case. But that hasn't put me off yet! Anyway, I've got a parts list started, but not got everything I need sorted. Here's my list so far - Gigabyte GA31M-S2L mobo - chosen for small size which would mean less hacking at the case internals.

Intel Q 2. Thats as far as I've got, picked from being recommended elsewhere and reviews. The rest of the list and the above if there's something glaringly obviously wrong to you guys is where I need help.

Whitebox Homelab Build with PowerMac G4 case mod

Big pic of the back of a quicksilver similar to mine CPU cooler - I've heard the standard Intel coolers are crap, so my plan was to get an Intel OEM without the cooler, and then get my own. With the G4's door closed, the CPU woulld be facing the power supply, so I'm guessing here that I'd need a 'low profile' cooler.

Any recommendations? This is as far as I've got so far, all help and advice would be appreciated. Kaldor Distinguished. Jul 13, 0 18, 1.

Part 1 Power Mac G4 Case and PC build (Slightly Hackintosh)

Faster, and future proof. You also want a 2 slot video card so the heat from it gets vented out of the case, not left inside.

Can a power mac G4 case be used on modern PCs? | [H]ard|Forum

You should be able to get by with a watt PSU. You will probably have to cut a hole in the backplate of the case as big as the PSU. This will expose the venting on the PSU. Look at the back of a regular PC case and youll see what Im talking about. Being that space is limited in the case, and airflow is probably low, I would stick with the stock heatsink and avoid overclocking.


There are some good low profile heatsinks out there if your really interested. Look here: The Zipang is probably your best bet. Put some pics up. That will be the best way to get some help. Jun 2, 52 0 18, 0. I'd love to see some pics of this project. I've got an old G4 that is just rotting in my spare room that i've debated doing something similar with. Please post how it goes if you don't mind.

The Power Mac G4 Line

Thanks for the tips Kaldor. Dec 19, 3, 0 20, Starting in it clocked at just MHz, but by the time the Power Mac G4 line was retired, a tower with dual 1. The Power Mac G4 came in three distinct cases over the years it was available. Each style of machine saw several revisions while in service, bringing the total number of models to That's a lot of computers to cover, so let's get started.

The G4's case was dubbed "graphite," but the basic design was the same, complete with its plastic handles and side door that opened to grant easy access to all of the internal components of the machine. If that wasn't confusing enough, Motorola struggled to meet demand and Apple had to give up on the MHz model it had promised customers. It was a rough start to Apple's new flagship line. It revised the machines, now all using the AGP-based architecture.

This model is named the "Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet ," a nod to the new connectivity built into the machine. The headline here was the CPU, however. Only the MHz model could be custom-ordered with dual processors, thanks to supply constraints out of Motorola.

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Just a few months later, in July , Apple took the wraps off the Power Mac G4 QuickSilver , a whole new case design that is my personal favorite of the three. This second-generation case was cleaner and more professional looking.

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It traded in its pinstripes for smooth gray plastic. The drive doors and handles were more refined, and the front panel's main feature was a large speaker. Compared to its siblings, the QuickSilver looks downright plain, but I think it is my favorite of the three designs. That meant that the cheapest QuickSilver was the same speed as the most expensive Graphite. An MHz model with a SuperDrive!

It came with a new L3 cache, as did the mid-range MHz model. August of brought with it the final form of the Power Mac G4. Named "Mirror Drive Doors," this case was much closer to the QuickSilver than the QuickSilver had been to the Graphite, but the front panel was radically different, with its four new air intakes and media drive doors gaining a mirror-like finish:.

Mac G4 case cloned for PCs

These machines quickly became known as the "Windtunnel G4" for the amount of fan noise. Apple eventually offered a replacement program for the power supply and fans, but the name stuck. With much faster components than previous G4s, the Mirror Drive Doors came with variable speed fans. This was an attempt on Apple's part to keep the noise down, but the machine still gained a reputation for being too loud for some customers.

A quick look at the back of the three case styles shows how much more air Apple was trying to move through the Mirror Drive Doors case:.