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The App Store page for each game also lists the top in-app purchases, so you can see which ones are most popular with other players. The cost of each of the top in-app purchases is included so you can figure out which ones you might want to buy for your Star Wars game.

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The gameplay in these free Star Wars games includes RPG style combat, Civilization-like strategy, card collecting, and even Lego style battles. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out.

All Boss Fights & Final Boss - Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga [1080p]

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Awards programs. Resource Library. Check out the latest Insider stories here. Yoda escapes the planet. Padme, confused and upset, journeys to Mustafar to meet with Anakin. There Padme finally realizes what her husband has done and she states that he is "going down a path that she can't follow". Obi-Wan walks off the Naboo cruiser and consequently, Anakin becomes enraged.

Upset and angered, Anakin uses the force to choke Padme into unconsciousness. After a dramatic fight sequence between Anakin and Obi-Wan, Anakin is left for dead, severely burned and scarred. Obi-Wan Kenobi escapes and takes Padme to an asteroid field where a medical center is located.

Now Available on Mac - LEGO® Star Wars™ - The Complete Saga

She dies, having lost the will to live. Anakin is fitted into a suit of black Sith armor and becomes Darth Vader. The Emperor and two Clone Troopers , taking Anakin who has gone to the dark side. With the galaxy entering the Dark Times, Padme's twins are split up. Leia is taken to Alderaan, while Luke Skywalker is placed in the care of his aunt and uncle on Tatooine. Each player controls a minifigure that has a unique set of abilities that can be toggled by walking up to a friendly character.

Studs serves as currency which can be found by destroying objects, using the force on objects, or defeating enemies. They lose the studs as opposed to losing lives by falling off the level or being killed by an enemy. The studs can be used to buy character enemies or allies that were not playable in Story Mode. Occasionally, players will also play through vehicle levels with the objective of getting to the end and avoiding enemies.

Minikit Canisters are the main collectible in the levels and a total of 10 of them can be collected. Most of these can only be collected in Free-Play and the parts will build a vehicle. Before playing any other level, the player must finish Chapter I of The Phantom Menace "Negotiations" , in order to play any other prequel film.

Completing all the "True Jedi" stud bars will unlock an additional chapter based on the opening scene of A New Hope , which features Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. This game was released before Revenge of the Sith , possibly driving sales up as the basic plotline was present in the game.

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  8. To prevent inadvertent spoilers, however, most reviewers warned that this was the case in their reviews. There are a wide variety of characters included in the game, all of which are unlocked by completing levels or by purchasing them at Dexter's Diner. Every character, other than the PK Droid , the Gonk Droid and Chancellor Palpatine , have a special ability, such as extra high jumping, control of the Force, or the ability to Grapple.

    Droids , while not being armed, can travel through the game unimpeded ie. Also, unlike other armed droids, player-controlled Battle Droids will be ignored by hostile Battle Droids, but not Droidekas. The Gonk Droid is also indestructible.

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    Also, there are many temporary conditions of the characters like Anakin Skywalker without hand or Jango Fett without his helmet , but they didn't get into this list. Dexter's Diner is the area from which the player chooses what level to enter and view any vehicles whose parts they have found in any of the game's levels. LEGO Star Wars also has a feature called 'Free Play', which enables the player to play the same level again, but with the ability to switch between characters, thus gaining access to areas containing extras the player was unable to get before.

    In Free Play mode, a player may use any character they have unlocked. The Free Play option will only appear when the player finishes a level. Levels that are played in vehicles cannot be played in Free Play, but can be replayed in Story mode like the others. Some characters, such as Chancellor Palpatine , the PK Droid , and the Gonk Droid , cannot do anything but walk, although they are never attacked in the case of PK Droids and Gonk Droids, giving them the ability to traverse the levels unharmed.

    Also, in the Diner, players may purchase unlockable extras for studs.

    Which Star Wars Games Can You Play on a Mac?

    Each level in LEGO Star Wars loosely follows the various sequences from the Star Wars prequel films, with gameplay segments linked together by various cutscenes. There is no spoken dialogue; rather, the characters act out their parts using gestures and pantomime. Qui-Gon, Amidala, Jar Jar, and their droid, R2-D2 discover a young boy, Anakin Skywalker, whom they strongly trust to earn the money to repair their ship. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon fight him. The Jedi Council travels to Geonosis to save them. In each level, a certain number of LEGO studs need to be collected the number varies per level to obtain a piece of the super kit.

    The player has to obtain the required amount of LEGO studs in one attempt. The studs can be collected in Story mode or Free Play mode.

    About This Game

    After all 17 kit pieces are collected, a fourth door, marked by a question mark, unlocks in the main room of Dexter's Diner. This level is available for both Story and Free Play modes; however, there are no mini-kit pieces to collect, no LEGO stud meter and no areas that can only be reached in Free Play mode. In the bonus level, the player plays as Darth Vader and an Imperial Stormtrooper with the dubious addition of C-3PO , upon entering the Tantive IV Blockade Runner which is also the model of the super kit collected to unlock the level.

    The level ends upon finding Princess Leia and R2-D2. A short message - To be continued The game was originally going to include the Boga chase scene with General Grievous on his wheel bike, but since the game was released in before Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was put into theatres TT Games decided that it would be too much of a spoiler, which made many Star Wars fans annoyed when the game was released.

    This version of the game was the only version of the game created that differed in any way rather than small control changes on the different platforms. It was created by a different company, considering that the console-based counterpart could not function based on the GBA's comparatively diminutive hardware. This version shared no gameplay with the console counterparts. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article's current status is disputed.