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Depending on your exact OS X configuration, you may or may not already have a login screen wallpaper image in this folder with the com. Now that you know how to use custom login screen wallpaper, learn how to set a custom lock screen message. On a more practical note, a custom wallpaper image can help you quickly distinguish between otherwise identical Macs.

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Finally, related to above, businesses and organizations can use custom login screen wallpaper to brand company Macs. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for the TekRevue Weekly Digest using the box below.

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Get tips, reviews, news, and giveaways reserved exclusively for subscribers. Filed Under: Side note: Instead you can just rename a whole jpg file as Mojave.

Hello, I don't have that specific issue, but I preferred in High Sierra that the lock screen was blurry. Now they removed the blur effect. Any way to get it back? This did not work for me. The image is there n heic format but still get the dunes after a reboot. Tried several times, resized the image, no go.

How do I change the login screen background in macOS Mojave? - Ask Different

Still get the dunes at login. Moved the original "Mojave. Using the preview tool cropped the "High Sierra.

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I wish I had the skill as a developer to put together a free little untiliy that allowed you to select a wallpaper and have it replace the dunes at logn. I'm actually the author of this program. It's totally fine that you posted it here, no worries—I'm just letting people know it was mine originally. Could you possible share the wallpaper that worked for you?

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I haven't been able to get this to work as well, but I'm thinking maybe it's the wallpaper I'm using. I've tried editing the image values DPI, size, etc. Thank you. I feel the same way. And the text in login screen is way too larger than High Sierra.

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Hating that. That was the solution that nobody else wrote about: Turn FileVault off, reboot, turn it back on!

Should you bother changing your Mac's login screen background image?

You may be able to use a utility called Onyx. Not sure if the Mojave version is out yet. Apple support confirmed to me that the wallpaper image in the background can't be changed, very frustrating and totally unacceptable to simply say that users can't personalize this screen that greets them when they turn on the computer. I get it that this pile of sand is probably supposed to remind the users that they use an operating system that the developers called Mojave for whatever reason but in the end it is just macOS Luckily you can still downgrade by creating an install media like a USB stick , I returned to Everyone who also doesn't like this limitation done by Apple, please also call Apple support and complain about this the number should be free in most locations and leave a complaint on their website, only then at one point this will reach their attention:.

How to Сustomize the Login Screen in macOS Sierra

Also I am also surprised that websites like Macrumors or 9to5mac didn't report about this, I think this is a significant change that they should write about and bring more attention to this. If someone from these websites reads this, please consider writing about it. What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up.

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If you're willing, follow these steps: