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This can contain app and folder shortcuts, social media actions, file actions such as to create a ZIP from a dragged folder , and shortcuts to online servers FTP, Amazon S3, and Google Drive. You then determine what Endurance does, such as dimming the screen, and quitting greedy apps. This is an interesting one, because it started out as a menu bar extra before evolving into a full-fledged calendar app.

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But click the icon and you gain access to an extended forecast, and hourly predictions for temperature and rainfall. Apple would have people use full-screen mode in order to focus, but that can be a jarring interface, not least when you need to switch between quite a few apps. HazeOver provides an alternative — a kind of dimmer switch that reduces distractions by fading out background windows. When they hit a specific battery capacity or are fully charged up when plugged in , the app will let you know.

Whether you want to track CPU or memory usage, disk capacities, network and fan speeds, or how your batteries are doing, iStat Menus provides tiny graphs in the menu bar. Click them and they expand into a wealth of info to satisfy even the geekiest user. If you like, the app will also list your appointments over the coming days. Apple inexplicably stopped enabling you to switch display resolutions from the menu bar a while ago, presumably because it reckons every display should use its most optimal settings. If you need to regularly switch resolutions, Resolutionator does the business.

Perhaps you spend time playing games, or get sucked into social networks. On doing so, Vanilla collapses, hiding the relevant icons. If you pay for pro, you can set specific icons to never appear, automatically hide icons after five seconds, and always have Vanilla start at login. Sign in.

Best Mac apps: the best macOS apps for your Apple computer

Get started. Product Hunt Follow. Caffeine: Keep your Mac from going to sleep. Bartender : Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac.

Magnet for Mac : Keep your workspace organized. Alfred : Boost your efficiency with hotkeys, text expansion and more. Spectacle : Move and resize windows with ease on Mac.

Core Temp Gadget

Sip : Simple OSX app to sample and encode any color on your screen. Noizio : Ambient background sounds for your Mac. CloudApp : Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs. Moom : Indispensible window management for Macs.

Better Snap Tool : Manage your window positions and size from your keyboard. CleanMyDrive : A lightweight drive manager for Mac. CleanMyMac : Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac. RescueTime : Analytics on your daily habits and productivity.

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Rocket : Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac. Escape : Track all your unnecessary trips to distracting websites. Paste : Smart clipboard history and snippet manager for Mac. Screenie : Drag screenshots right from your menu bar.

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Hazel : The ultimate file automator for Mac. Jumpcut : Access your clipboard via the Mac menu bar. Battery Indicator : See remaining battery time in your Mac menu bar. Product Hunt The place to discover your next favorite thing. Mac Tech Startup Apple Product. The best new products, every day. The place to discover your next favorite thing.