Where is home key on mac keyboard

Here are a few examples:.

Here you can check a box that will that will change function key behavior to work like "standard function keys". If you do this, however, note that you won't be able to use function keys for things like Brightness, Volume, etc. In essence, this setting reverses behavior so that you need to use fn to control the Mac. Personally, I like using the function keys to control the computer, so I leave this setting alone, and just the fn key when needed in Excel.

Fix Sublime Text Home and End key usage on Mac OSX

Unless you're using an extended keyboard, keys like Home, End, backspace, Page up, and Page down are nowhere to be found. This is a problem, because many of these keys are used in Excel shortcuts.

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The solution is to use specific substitutions, as shown in the table below. However, T hey can make some shortcuts seem complicated on a Mac because you have to use more keys. Note: If you're using an extended keyboard on a Mac, you don't need to worry about substitutions, since you'll have keys for Home, End, Page up, etc.

Extended keyboards have all the keys. In the world of shortcuts, perhaps the most painful difference on a Mac is a lack of ribbon shortcuts.

In Excel on Windows, you can use so called accelerator keys to access almost every command in Excel using only your keyboard. This doesn't matter much when you're performing an action that has a dedicated shortcut i. But when you want to trigger an action that doesn't have a dedicated shortcut like sort, hide gridlines, align text, etc. Excel ribbon in Windows with accelerator keys visible.

Remapping Function Keys

No equivalent on the Mac! With the introduction of Excel on the Mac, Microsoft has started to adjust Mac shortcuts to be more aligned with Windows. So far, all the shortcuts that have been adjusted to match Windows shortcuts remain backward compatible with previous Mac only shortcuts. Skip to main content. Excel shortcuts on the Mac If you're used to working with Excel on Windows, one of the most confusing aspects of using Excel on a Mac is shortcuts.

If you want to see more Excel shortcuts for the Mac in action, see our our video tips.

Whenever we use a shortcut, we show both the Windows and Mac version. Viewed 98k times. I want them to work the same way that Home and End do on all Windows apps.

The “Home” & “End” Button Equivalents on Mac Keyboards

Am1rr3zA Am1rr3zA Kyle Cronin Kyle Cronin The keystrokes Kyle Cronin provided are correct. There's quite a bit of difference from the windows functionality. Some apps act like windows with these keys, others don't. What specific apps are you having trouble with? These are the shortcuts I was hunting for. I wanted to jump to the beginning or end of a document. You probably need to set them in the preferences: I don't know exactly where the end and home Windows-like functions are in this screen, I couldn't find anything yet that sounds like what they do.

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