Dual core or quad core mac

Right now, there are no CPUs for it to upgrade to.

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We think that Apple will replace both that and the MBA with something new, but they can't do a straight upgrade. I'm a surface owner looking for the best option to start on MacOS.

What to expect from the MacBook Pro’s leap to 8th-generation Intel processors

Yes, well The non-Touchbar was not touched no pun intended. You can check the Tech Specs at Apple's site, if you wish.

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You just saved me from making a big mistake. Thanks, I just thought they upgraded all the processors in all the pros. Yes definitely for quad core.

What processor does my Mac have inside?

The extra cores means your general system performance will never usually slow down while something more interesting is running. Dual-Core is outdated by todays standards in my opinion.

However, in an application optimized for multiple cores, you should notice a significant difference between CPUs with different numbers of cores. Intel gives each generation of its processor a code name. The slimline MacBook processor is known as Core M, designed specifically for low power mobile use. The Mac Pro uses a completely different family of Intel processors, designed for high-end workstations and known as Xeon. However, they also tend to be less powerful. The other key feature of a processor is the balance between speed and power consumption.

CPUs that run faster use more energy and so generate more heat.

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Remember we said that CPUs are often throttled to prevent overheating? So, for example, a quad-core 2. Not all Mac models offer a choice of all three. The Core M, for example, is specifically designed to minimise power consumption in mobile devices and is used only in the MacBook. Likewise, if you buy a MacBook Air or Mac mini, although those machines use older versions of Intel processors. Generally speaking, in terms of speed, a dual-core i5 is the slowest and a quad-core i7 the fastest.

That, however, is not the whole story.

That also was a watershed. And the other thing that has been really surprising for me is that battery life doesn't take a hit. That's amazing. And what about the inch MacBook Pro? Mobile would come later.

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It's possible that Apple decides to delay the introduction of new processors until Intel has sorted out the Spectre Meltdown mess. Of course, Apple could surprise us too by doing an accelerated introduction. The list is too long of applications that benefit from quad core. Other users may get more battery life.

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