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Easy to Use It's very easy-to-use and base on an elegant interface.

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You can convert your ebook just 2 steps. And convert ebooks in bulk at one time. No loss of quality It's based on the Advanced algorithm, that can keep the converted ebook as the same quality as the original files. It provides a fast and convenient way for users to convert ebooks.

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Doesn't work.. Tried with various doc and docx.

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Failed all of them. Interface not congruent with Mac. What do you think about Ebook Converter Mac? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

The 10 Best ePUB Converters

Browse with Brave. Learn more. Author's review Epubsoft Ebook Converter for Mac is one of the best ebook software to help you easily convert the popular ebook formats to others. MonthlyCal - A colorful monthly calendar widget Add some flair to your monthly calendar with MonthlyCal. It is good for eBooks with plaintext and advanced navigations.

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However, it lacks power and flexibility since it is only readable using the Amazon Kindle program. If you want to view it on different kinds of platforms, the best way is to convert it to PDF format. We have covered the best programs in this post. Scroll down to check them out.

Top 10 eBook Readers for Mac

The File Converter is a quick and reliable Android application for file conversion. Furthermore, you may check your conversion history inside the app. The only drawback of this program is its free version only allows only two conversions.

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  6. After that, you may need to upgrade it to its full version for unlimited use. And you can input your files from another app on your iOS device from a webpage, your iBooks, computer, Cloud services etc. Online-Convert is a free but powerful web-based application that can help you convert different kinds of files, such as audios, videos, images, documents, eBooks, and archives.

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    It supports almost 20 types of file formats. Moreover, it comes with a clean interface, and users can easily follow the instructions on the website to convert it to what they want.

    Furthermore, it converts in high-speed and guarantees there will be no quality loss upon processing. Refer to this guide to learn how it works:. Additionally, this software allows you to process more than one file a time. And you can choose to add a folder of files to convert to PDF.

    Part 1:The Best Way to convert EPUB to PDF on Windows

    Nowadays, PDF format is widely used in all devices. They are all reliable and easy to use.