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But it has its drawbacks that it is limited to only 10 accounts. This one is basically one of the most trustworthy mail apps among users.

The Best Third-Party Email App for Mac

In addition to all, you would expect from the smart basic email program. But that all you get with free trial version. But as you know the free version includes basic mail tracking, calendar scheduling, read later and undo features. Visit Here- https: The canary mail is something everyone wants to have on their mac. There are several reasons why you can choose this application for your Mac.

The 15 Best Email Apps

First of all canary mail application promises effortless one-click encryption that guarantees you that no one can read your mail except you or your recipient. Also offering to snooze incoming emails and track the outgoing with the option to lock other who are trying sneak into your account. Canary mail is seriously an impressive mail on our list of top Email clients for Mac. This is probably one of the most using mail app in the world.

The mail application that ships with MacOS and OS X are solid, Coming with rich feature and ability to eliminate spam, this software is killing one for all of you out there. Optimized to work on Mac, The mail app is trouble free and full-featured.

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It also helps you to handle all your mail in one place with full ease. We all know this name very well. Opera served us all at some point. The Opera email client has a flexible interface that will satisfy your email needs. Opera integrate RSS feeds in this experience. Some may find the message editor lacking a bit of power, and the absence of encrypted email is unfortunate. Opera is designed with visual bookmarks, tab cycling free VPN and customizable shortcuts.

Mozilla Thunderbird is full-featured secured and functional client. This is one of the best among top Email clients for Mac.

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No one should underestimate Mozilla. The company built sea monkey, the email component of its open-source browser. It is one of the heavily used mail clients in the world today. It can prevent your mail and help you to detect spam. Airmail 3 is a new mail app with fast performance and intuitive interaction. Airmail is clean and allows you to get your emails without any interruption.

Airmail has a beautiful design and offers support for all major email services. So you can choose this one also from our list of top 10 Email clients for Mac. I switched to Gmail in when it first launched, and then I finally switched to. Mac in when I got my first Mac a Powerbook G4. I stuck with it during the disaster that was MobileMe , and finally arrived at iCloud.

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In the early days of e-mail usage, I preferred using web-based mail, but as time went on, I preferred app based email. Part of that is that I am bringing in multiple accounts into one app personal iCloud and multiple G-Suite accounts , but another aspect is that I prefer native apps.

Five Interesting Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - August 2018

I think a lot of it has to do with iOS where native apps are the default. I want one app to use instead of four web apps. Apple is always going to be at a disadvantage in some ways when building apps because they have to develop for the masses. They are developing apps for the power user while also the computer novice. You add your mailboxes, and it builds a traditional looking mail app with a universal inbox , it supports all the primary services iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange, etc.

It primarily works the same as it did a few years ago. The downside is that these run locally, so if your Mac is offline — nothing will happen to your email that requires these plugins. When I did my review of best email apps for iPhone , I praised Outlook. It includes a smart inbox sort between important emails and non-important ones. It contains customizable swipes delete, archive, etc.

You can also schedule messages to show back up in your inbox. This feature is useful if you want to make an email disappear until you are back at work, etc.

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  4. It feels like a completely different app. It still feels like a Mac version of Outlook for Windows. Everyone else should look elsewhere. If it can act more like the iOS version, I could definitely consider it a strong contender for the best email app for the Mac. Spark is one of the newcomers to the third-party email app market, but it has had constant enhancements since it was released. The great thing about Spark for Mac is that it brings over a lot of great features from the iOS version. The app includes a smart inbox to help organize your email into buckets like newsletters, pinned, new, seen, etc.

    It also includes the ability to snooze emails, send later, email follow-up reminders, smart notifications, and tons of integrations with third-party apps Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

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    5. It also includes a built-in calendar that supports iCloud, Gmail, etc. Spark also has team plans that answers that question for me. By signing your organization up, you can collaborate on emails together, talk about replies privately without having to forward things back and forth , and create permanent links to email messages helpful for linking in a CRM, etc.

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      A basic version of Spark for Teams is free, but they have paid versions monthly per-user fee with extra file storage, enhanced link sharing, and team roles and control.