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I wear a lot of hats LVL Needs more information. What version of OS X?

What hardware? Mac Mini? Power Mac?


Where did you get Grid 2? Have you checked Bioteam or Steam forums?

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Rohit Bajaj Author Commented: I have downloaded the dmg from torrent. Can you also suggest some alternative good places. Eoin OSullivan Consultant Commented: Did you check in the Applications folder? You've run the installer and every time you open the installer and run it.. And, as alway with Feral Interactive games, there's support for a range of third-party gamepads and driving wheels. The first thing to do if you want to play with a gamepad is find out which gamepads your game supports.

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Many of the Feral games have a list of supported gamepads in their FAQs. The drivers are free to download from tattiebogle. Then make sure the gamepad is switched to DirectInput mode. In most cases, the game will ask you to choose an input method i. Simply press any button on the gamepad, and the game will recognize it.

The game supports the AMD 4xxx series graphics card or better, the Nvidia 6xxx series graphics card or better and the Intel HD series graphics card or better. A Steam account is required to access online multiplayer. Your purchase of items from Amazon benefits and supports Apple World Today through affiliate payments.

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