Mac display sleep vs screensaver

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How to View the Apple TV’s Aerial Screen Saver On Your Mac

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To see a full-screen preview, move your pointer over the preview, then click the Preview button that appears within. Click the General tab. Select the option to require password after sleep or screen saver begins. Turn off your display or put it to sleep Your Mac uses its processor, graphics chip, and display when it shows a screen saver. Use the slider to choose the time of inactivity. If you set your display to turn off before the screen saver starts, the screen saver won't start after a period of inactivity.

Choose when and how to start the screen saver

Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. You may have to click it twice to sort it in order from A to Z, rather than Z to A. The nice part of this step is that the processes will quit jumping around. When that column is sorted alphabetically it will look like this:. To do that, right-click on any of the header fields.

For example, right-click the Process Name name column header. This brings up the popup menu shown in this image:. With this popup menu displayed, move to the bottom of it and select the Preventing Sleep menu item.

If there had been a Yes in that column, it would indicate that the HP Device Monitor is preventing the screensaver from running. That being said, the more general solution to the problem is to kill the offending process, with the help of the Activity Monitor. In the case of AirPlay, I felt comfortable that it would automatically restart after we killed it, so we took this approach.

The Fastest Way to Lock or Sleep Your Screen in macOS (Mac OS X)

Next, click the Information icon at the top-left of the Activity Monitor window:. This will show a confirmation dialog that looks like this:. Technically what happened was that we killed the AirPlayUIAgent process; MacOS restarted the process with its default configuration; that default configuration does not prevent the screensaver from starting. Before moving on, there are two things to do.

macbook - How do I lock my screen without making it sleep on macOS ? - Ask Different

After you confirm that, you can remove the Preventing Sleep column from the view with these steps:. When you do that, the Preventing Sleep column should go away.


Once that column was changed to No, I assumed that the screensaver would work properly, but we went ahead and tested it to be sure. To do this we followed these steps:. After you do that, step away from the keyboard and mouse and let your Mac sit there. After a minute the screensaver should start.