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How to Make a Table Spread Across Pages in Microsoft Word

Try this: My elderly dad is writing his life story in Word. Whenever he reopens the document, it goes to page 1. Or even two or three steps! He is very non-technical. When I want to go back I can either visually search for that or do a Word Search. I delete the marker and continue.

This is admittedly a very low tech solution but it meets my needs perfectly - and works in most ANY word processor. And in any version of Word, double-clicking on the page count on the lower status bar brings up that GOTO menu, saving a couple of steps. Further to yout 'Go to This is probably the same as you suggest. Thank you for all your tips! This site is for you!

How to Change Page Order in Pages

If you use a later version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the ribbon interface. View the most recent newsletter. Toggle navigation.

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To take advantage of this feature, follow these steps: Choose the Go To option from the Edit menu, or simply press F5. Word displays the Go To tab of the Find and Replace dialog box. See Figure 1. Figure 1. The Go To tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.

On the left side of the dialog box, make sure that you indicate you want to go to a page this should be the default choice. Enter the page number to which you want to move.

Adjust automatic page breaks

Click on Go To, or press Enter. Author Bio. Importing Custom Lists Custom lists are handy ways to enter recurring data in a worksheet. Click the heading of the section you want to move and drag it to a new location in the pane. A black line appears as you are moving through the headings in your document. When you release your mouse, the heading and the information in it drops below the black line to reorder your pages.

How to get a new page in Word without pressing enter, enter, enter - The Art of Applying

Open Word and your document with the pages you want to reorder. Scroll to the target page you want to move. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you wish moved. This selects one screen of information. Word automatically moves text and graphics to the right and down to make space for the cut information.

Duplicate a page

Open Word and the document to reorder. Scroll to the page you want to move. Hold down the left mouse button and drag down to the right to select a whole page. Release the mouse and the page is highlighted. Click where you want your content to appear, then click in the toolbar.

How do I move pages in Word for Mac 2008

If you made a mistake, press Command-Z on your keyboard to undo the action. To remove the page break, place the insertion point before the text you moved, then press Delete on your keyboard. If this causes your text to run into the preceding text, press Return on your keyboard to move it down to the next line.

To remove the second page break, place the insertion point immediately before the text that follows the content you moved, then press Delete on your keyboard.

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Add a new page In a word-processing document: Duplicate a page You can duplicate a single page in a page layout document. The duplicate page or section is added below the original. Do any of the following: Delete a page In a page layout document: Rearrange pages in a page layout document Click in the toolbar , then choose Show Page Thumbnails. Select the page thumbnail, then drag it to where you want it.