Makeup geek corrupt vs mac carbon

What is the Best Black Eyeshadow?

But yes, when it comes down to price, MUG shadows are hard to beat :D. Corrupt is super pigmented and blackest black! I personally avoid using black eyeshadow as it be harsh sometimes.. I use warm browns but I find they can be very If I use the wrong one, it can make me look like I have dark circles!

And sometimes they don't show up on me. I still have to find the perfect one, I guess :D. Pages Home About me Contact me. Thursday, February 26, Battle of the black eyeshadows. I have a love-hate relationship with pre-made palettes. I love that you get a variety of shades for a reasonable price, I like that it comes with shades complementary to one another to take the guesswork out of creating a look, and I like that they come in a variety of finishes. I hate that I get it. Matte black shadows are versatile.

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They can be used for smoking out any look, to creating a smokey eye, as a liner, heck, I even use them as a brow powder from time to time. But, y'know, what's a girl to do with ten gazillion of them?

Well, I don't have the answer to that yet but in the meantime, I decided to find out of all matte blacks were created the same, or if there's one that was made to rule them all. New posts. Search forums. Log in. We are currently in the process of rebuilding user permissions. If you find you cannot access something you've normally been able to, please wait until the rebuild process is completed this message will be removed when it's completed. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Makeup geek eyeshadow for woc? Thread starter NicoleL Start date Sep 26, NicoleL Member.

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Sorry if this has been talked about somewhere but I searched around and couldn't really find what I was looking for. I've been really curious about makeup geek eyeshadows, I'm really curious if they are actually as good as mac or if its is more about the price point that people prefer and are willing to sacrifice a little for that lower price. I only have 6 mac eyeshadows so I'm by no means an expert on their quality.

So basically I am wondering what you guys think about these eyeshadows especially on darker skin tones. As I've been looking for swatches I can not find very many on darker skin tones and the ones I feel like people with darker skin tones talk about are cocoa bear and corrupt. Do you guys have any thoughts or color suggestions if you like them better than mac? I am curious about these too.

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People say they are very much worth the money. I want the two you mentioned as well as several others. I am trying to wait and see if any of the starter kits will come back in stock, for a better-value way of trying out the brand. I currently have 12 MG shadows and I have to concur with the masses in saying the pigmentation and quality are there. What makes them even better is that the pigmentation and quality are at a more than reasonable price point.

I have the two colors you ladies are curious about.

The Mattest Black- MAC vs. Makeup Geek – A Natural Beat

I will swatch them for you. For me they are in the same range for quality as MAC.

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Cocoa Bear is a warm brown that I constantly reach for as a transition color. Corrupt is a great black but I find that NYX black is darker.

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Either way you look at it, it's better than Carbon. I just don't know where to start. If you want I can swatch the other 10 shadows I own as well. Yazmin Active member. I have more than 30 MUG shadows.