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As with any other piece of gear, you get what you pay for. Luckily, there are lots of great options on the market and not all of them will break the bank! You also get a number of carrier options to choose from and a few other basic functions. Some would include an envelope follower and controls for the filter bands. True to its name, the vocoder panel can be used to create classic robotic voice effects.

You can choose from a variety of different vocoder modes to use, ranging from vintage hardware sounds to more modern digital ones. Similarly, the talkbox panel emulates the iconic sound of the talkbox. A talkbox is similar to a vocoder, but has its own unique sound. The polyvox section can be used to create rich vocal harmonies using a polyphonic pitch shifter. This tool can produce a range of effects, from organic backing vocals to artificial sounds.

Lastly, the compuvox panel can be used to add a computerized quality to your sounds. From old school speech synthesis to glitchy vocal effects, there are a lot of possibilities at your disposal. In addition to the four main panels, there are also a ton of other useful features in VocalSynth. These include pitch correction, filters, distortion, and delay. VocalSynth is a premium vocoder with a premium price tag, but it's definitely worth the investment when you consider how versatile its functions are.

Morphoder includes a built-in synth that can be used as the carrier. The controls for this carrier are limited, giving you the option to choose from ten pre-programmed patches. A five band EQ is used to process the output of the vocoder, while the sound can be further tweaked with formant, pressure, smoothing and release controls. A final output section is used as a mixer for the four main parameters of morphoder. You get a slider for mixing in the carrier, the modulator, and noise.

Lastly, there is a slider to control the balance for each of these elements. The simple interface makes it easy to dial in a nice tone, which is more than can be said about a lot of other vocoders. The main feature of Vocalizer Pro is its four module system. Each of these four modules can be routed in a number of creative ways, making the possibilities endless.

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Each module features options for pitch shifting, filtering, and modulation using LFOs. You can mix and match how the four modules interact with each other, which will allow you to create very complex patches. Not only is Vocalizer Pro a great studio tool, but it has been optimized for performance as well. Two rows of eight MIDI-mappable pads are included on the interface.. The top row can be used to save different presets and parameters for quick recall.

The bottom row can be used for mapping chords so they can easily be sequenced from a MIDI controller. Waldorf Lector [ This plugin features a two oscillator synthesizer, a dynamic filter, and a wide range of effects such as distortion, delay, and reverb. The Lector also features filter bands, meaning that you can get as detailed with your carrier as you want to.

After loading the vocoder into oscillator one, you can then route Razor to an audio track to use it as a sidechain carrier.

Razor is capable of creating classic vocoder sounds, but you can also get some more experimental textures out of it. Because Razor is an additive synthesizer, it is capable of creating otherworldly sounds that sound unlike other vocoders. Everything from metallic bass to morphing atmospheres can be created with it. This makes the initial investment even easier to justify. Melda MCompressor is a versatile compressor with an adjustable compression shape. Melda MConvolutionEZ is an impressively easy to use convolution reverb for modelling realistic spaces.

MDSP Smart Elecontronix Livecut Beat Chopper a live beat-slicer and sample chopper for manipulating chunks of audio in the style of early jungle or drum and bass. Melda MEqualizer is a powerful 6-band equalizer with 7 different filter types, built-in tube saturation and for simulating a vintage tone.

Melda MFlanger is an analog style flanger with tube-style saturation and top quality sound. Metric Halo MH Thump is a subharmonic synthesiser plugin for adding extra low end to your sources with a unique program dependent detector. Melda MPhaser is an advanced phaser effect with adjustable oscillator shape, onboard saturation and up to filters.

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Melda MRing Modulator is an easy-to-use ring modulator with a simple interface for creating interesting ring modulated textures. Melda MSaturator is a smooth, tube-like saturation device with natural and pleasing sound. Melda MTremolo can cover all your amplitude modulation needs with its editable waveform, adjustable shape and DAW synchronization. Melda MVibrato is easy to dial in and sounds for great for everything from subtle warble to seasick lurch.

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Melda MWaveFolder is an analog-inspired distortion with unique character that can completely mangle your audio at extreme settings. Melda MWaveShaper takes traditional wave-shaping to a new level by letting you construct your own shape instead of using predefined patterns. Musical Entropy Spaceship Delay is a multimode delay plugin that can be used for adding a variety of time based effects to any aspect of your mix. PechenegFX Pecheneg Tremolo is a simple but effective tremolo with just enough controls to get you started with great trem sounds right away.

These incredible sounding filters are the perfect tools for cleaning up issues at the extreme ends of your mix. Plugin Alliance Elysia Niveau Filter is an awesome sounding tilt-style EQ for balancing your frequencies smoothly and transparently. Shattered Glass Audio SGA is a digital emulation of a classic single channel all-tube mic preamplifier.

SGA is perfect for analog colouration and distortion. Smartelectronix Ambience was one of the first quality free reverb plugins on the scene and it continues to be a great option for ambient algorithmic reverb. Softube Saturation knob is an incredibly simple one-knob plugin for adding analog output stage warmth and colouration.

Flux Stereo Tool v3 is a precision tool for monitoring and controlling the stereo information of a signal. Use it to analyze and correct stereo issues on stereo channels or your entire mix. TAL Filter II is a versatile filter plugin with many different types of oversampled filters available. It can be synced to the host tempo to create all kinds of rhythmic effects. TAL Vocoder is a vintage vocoder emulation with 11 bands that emulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80s. TDR Kotelnikov is a high quality and musical sounding dynamics processor worthy of professional applications.

TDR Nova is an insanely high quality dynamic equalizer available for free.

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TDR Proximity allows you to simulate changing the distance of a microphone to the source. Ever wished you could dial in a bit more proximity effect? This 3 band EQ is designed for useability and tone with 4 fantastic sounding subtle saturation options at the output stage. Another classic free plugin.

bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Vocoder VST/AU Plugins For Windows And Mac

Tritik Krush is a freeware bit crusher and downsampler with analog modeled resonant filters and syncable modulation options for all your creative bit crushing needs. U-he Protoverb is a natural sounding room simulator plugin that builds up resonances to model the body of air in a room. Valhalla FreqEcho is a simple but flexible delay plugin capable of creating some truly otherworldly sounds using only modulation and pitch shifting.

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Voxengo Tempo Delay is a stereo delay plugin with deep DAW synchronization for creating rhythmic delays and unique panning, filter and tremolo effects. Voxengo Old Skool Reverb is a plate style algorithmic reverb that uses a tried and true stereo reverb algorithm that sits well in a mix. Voxengo Tube Amp is a simple tube style distortion that emulates the triode tubes generally found in tube mic preamps. George Yohng W1 Limiter is a clone of the popular Waves L1 limiter that performs just as well as the original.

W1 is a great choice for general limiter tasks. Wave Arts Tube Saturator Vintage is a free reissue of the original Tube Saturator plugin that used circuit simulation to model a tube preamp.

The new version sounds just as good and is much easier on your CPU. Turn everything into whalesong! Algae Software Tune it! Is a powerful tuning plugin that can be used to tune instruments or monitor pitch during practice or performance. Melda MAnalyzer is an advanced spectral analyzer and sonogram generator for creating detailed visual representations of your audio.

Melda MChannelMatrix is a matrix routing plugin for reassigning multiple channels on the fly via its sidechain inputs. Melda MLoudnessAnalyzer is a super accurate analysis tool for evaluating loudness. Need to take notes or write down lyrics? Do it directly from your session. Melda MOscilloscope is a classic waveform visualizer with pitch detection. Melda MTuner is a simple audio frequency analysis tool designed for tuning guitars and other instruments.

Voxengo Correlometer is a multi-band correlation meter for detecting phase issues and mono compatibility.