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Web browser developed by Apple Inc. Rhapsody Developer Release Hera Server 1. See also: Safari version history. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. See also: Browser security. Apple Inc. The GigaOM Network. Retrieved April 12, Apple Developer Connection.

June 30, Kenneth Auchenberg. July 3, Vous me prenez au bon moment puisque je suis en train de refaire ma page d'accueil pour une meilleure utilisation mobile sur mon site.

[Compatibilité] Vos applications fonctionneront-elles avec macOS Mojave ?

Restez sur cette voie sur ce concepteur de sites web. Nous devions rendre un site attrayant facilement et rapidement. Cet outil est un Saint Graal, une licorne volante Globalement je vais vous recommander pour votre travail. Bon travail. Je veux dire WOW. Application stupidement simple et brillante. Et comme on dit… Si on ne le trouve pas sur Google, on ne le trouve pas.

MacBook et MacBook Air. Ancien et nouveau MacBook Air. Le capteur Touch ID est fiable et rapide. On voit mieux les cernes sur cette image. Ailleurs sur le web.

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Pourquoi je ne vois plus la note de vos tests? Il n'y a plus de note. C'est dommage. On fera un article sur le sujet. Anthony Super nouvelle! Oui la note! Ouh la! Absolument pas normal. D'autres peuvent faire un essai? Vip Mac iPad iPhone Watch. Sur iGen et WatchG.

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A KMS key requires at least 25 computers on a network for activation. If your organization has fewer than 25 computers, you should request a MAK from the Volume Licensing website after receiving this product. Software: To install this operating system, you must have a licensed installation of one of the following operating systems on the device where you are installing the upgrade:. Additional requirements to use certain features. See the full system requirements. Product functionality and appearance might vary with system configuration.

This description applies to the Enterprise edition, but you can choose to download and install either the Pro or Enterprise edition through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center if you request this product. This offer provides one Windows upgrade license. Requests that an organization places for discounted products must include at least five licenses.

The five licenses can be for the same product or a combination of different products. This requirement is waived for some products. You can choose to download the current version or the previous version of this software. You can find out which version is the current one on the Current Versions of Microsoft Products page. In addition, you can download the software in the bit or bit version and also in any language that's available.

If you have system administration experience, you can use Windows Enterprise with Windows Server to.

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This quantity is specified in the email you receive from TechSoup Canada after you request this product. Sumac is powerful software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for:. Sumac can do as much or as little as you like.

Here are some of the areas you may choose to use it for:. Capacity : Up to 1, contacts donors, volunteers, etc. Users : One user at a time if data is hosted on your computer; 10 simultaneous users if you opt for Sumac Cloud , and data is hosted online.

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Add-ons : Sumac Silver can accommodate any number of Add-ons. Please note: This donation includes one Add-on from a select list. Others can be purchased directly through Sumac. If you need to track more than 1, contacts, order Sumac Gold. This donation covers all first-year software fees including the Basic CRM and one Add-on , online training, and unlimited email support and updates.

Please note: It does not include services or additional Add-ons. Note: This donation is available only to new Sumac customers or organizations who have received a donation of Sumac Silver through TechSoup Canada in the past. Individuals or organizations who have purchased Sumac directly through Sumac are not eligible for this donation. Phone and email support is included at no additional charge with every installation of Sumac. Updates and upgrades are also free, and installed automatically. The Data Migration service also includes customization of your Sumac database.

Additional services like Data Migration, Website Integration, and Sumac Cloud can be ordered directly through Sumac for an additional fee. Capacity: up to 30, contacts in the database. Users: 10 simultaneous users. Please note: only choose the Add-ons you need, as you will have to pay the renewal fee for each Add-on when the donation period is over. This donation covers all first-year software fees including the Basic CRM and Add-ons , online training, 2 hours of personal training, unlimited phone and email support, and automatic updates. After the first year, you must renew your entire subscription directly through Sumac.

Please note: This donation is only for first-time users of Sumac who have never purchased Sumac or received a donation from Sumac through TechSoup Canada. The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product can not be exchanged. Sumac highly recommends the use of its Data Migration service to do this.

Combien puis-je commander? Office Standard. Word est un programme complet de traitement de texte. Ils pourront utiliser n'importe quel navigateur web ou terminal mobile fonctionnant sous Windows, iOS ou Android. Office for Mac. Need More Than 50 Licenses? Benefits for Organizations You can use Office for Mac to: Increase productivity by allowing Mac users to create, share, and edit documents with colleagues using Office for Windows or Mac without conversion or translation Enable collaboration by using Outlook for emailing and scheduling in a mixed Windows and Mac organization Applications in This Suite The suite includes the following applications: Excel is a spreadsheet application with data analysis and visualization tools.

Outlook is a time and information manager that integrates email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. PowerPoint is a presentation graphics program with capabilities for text effects, sound, and animation. Word is a full-featured word processor.


OneNote is a note-taking application that allows various types of content to be shared among team members. Major Capabilities Compatibility with Office for Windows: Each of the included applications has essentially the same capabilities as its Windows equivalent. Ribbon: The Office for Mac ribbon enhances usability by bringing together the most popular formatting and creation tools in a single, unified design. The classic Mac menu and standard toolbar are also available.